Project: HomeAutomation

A case for the control computer

I have finally decided on a case for the control computer, which will for now be a Raspberry Pi. "For now" means this is not necessarily specified to exactly this type of computer: Any system capable of running a program for which C source code exists, and running a Python interpreter, is fine.

I am going to operate the RasPi under the Raspbian Linux, because that comes ready to run with only minor modifications required to run my home automation software stack.

Photo of the Raspberry Pi in its new case

The case is actually a part I have originally bought for the Pinball project. The HA-B02 Dual-CAN/USB interface will be placed on top of the RasPi, but unfortunately the current board prototype is a bit too large: I need to round off the edges to make room for the screw posts holding the case cover.
As I am redesigning that board anyways to include the current-sensing circuitry on the bus supply lines, this is not a big problem, though.