Project: HomeAutomation

HA-B02.02 stuffing...

The unstuffed HA-B02.02 board

Just in time for the weekend, the new revision of my Dual-CAN/USB interface board arrived. Because saturday was spent at the "DESY day", I could only spend a few hours on sunday, beginning to solder the SMD components and a few of the smaller through-hole parts. However, during the week I might make some more progress on this, and perhaps be ready to test the new board (especiall the new current-measuring feature) by next weekend.

The overall appearance of the board has much improved, I think, being completel hand-routed now. This board´s first revision was, after all, the very first board I did for this project, and I´d like to think that my PCB design and layout skills have improved a bit in the meantime.

I just need to confirm this expectation by testing and finding the analog circuitry to perform as well as the existing functionality...

Close-up of the FT232 USB interface IC I usually solder SMD stuff under the microscope The first through-hole components are populated