Project: HomeAutomation

Planning an in-wall switch assembly

I have started to work on a switch assembly to be mounted in standard in-wall mounting boxes, so that the finished thing will blend in with my other light switches and wall outlets, but have a bit more control capabilities.

The switch buttons will be white (as are my other commercially available switches), but each one will have an individual RGB backlight LED so that for example the current functionality programmed into a button can be visualized.

I am currently drawing the assembly in Fusion 360, here's what I have done so far:

Rendered model: current state of the switch assembly

As you may notice, these are just the already existing parts (and the PCB, which at least already exists in my EDA software), the hard part is not yet done: I am still thinking about the actual switch and front plate design, how the assembly will mechanically hold together (I have an idea for that, which is why there are slots in the PCB), and how the switch actuation will work. This, however, exists only as a rough idea in my head at this time.