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  1. Fume extractor for the E-Lab

    Finally I found the time to build a solder fume extractor for the "production" place in the lab:

    Fume extractor in window opening over work table

    The window insert is made out of plywood and lined with pipe insulation to give a tight fit against the walls around it. Mounted to it are two handles for easy insertion ...

  2. End-to-end test successful

    Today I have debugged the problems constructing CAN datagrams described in a previous post.
    I found some flaws in my handling of the various parameters handed to the CAN message object constructor. As soon as I had fixed these, the end-to-end testing was successful!

    I press a switch, and the ...

  3. Testing the full setup

    Today I have tested prototypes of the whole automation infrastructure together: The control PC running the complete software stack, a switch input board with a "real" light switch, and an output controller with a "real" relay attached:

    HA test setup with switch and output relay

    The control PC and USB/Dual-CAN interface are stacked on the left side ...

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