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  1. USB/Dual-CAN interface rev 2 is ready for production

    Having a week of vacation dedicated to some items on my project to-do lists, I finally finished the layout and routing of the controller board that connects my two CAN bus lines to the control computer over a USB-serial interface.

    Finished state of the HA-B02.02 PCB layout

    The layout data is already sent away for PCB production ...

  2. Routing the USB/Dual-CAN interface rev 2

    The board that connects the control PC to the HomeAutomation CAN bus via a USB serial interface was the first one I designed for this project, and it was the first larger PCB where I did most of the signal routing on the board manually. In the end, when there ...

  3. A case for the control computer

    I have finally decided on a case for the control computer, which will for now be a Raspberry Pi. "For now" means this is not necessarily specified to exactly this type of computer: Any system capable of running a program for which C source code exists, and running a Python ...

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