Mail addresses with builtin timeout

Did you receive a mail from me, and found the sender address looking like Are you curious what this might be?

Be assured, it is a valid mail address to reach me - at least for some time. To protect myself from being bombed with so-called spam mails from companies collecting mail addresses from mailing lists and news postings, I have set up a mechanism (invented and the original version programmed by Oliver Fromme) to generate a mail address for me that times out after a configurable period of time.

In this address, a time stamp and a hash (to check for validity) are encoded. If a mail is older than a configured number of seconds (currently set to 14 days), it is considered not to be related to my original posting, and placed in a special place for review and/or deletion.

The mail address used on these web pages, though, is frequently updated with an encoded "time to live" of 90 days.

Curious people like you can always reach me through my regular mail address regular mail address - this one will not "time out" in any forseeable future.