Running Ableton Live on FreeBSD

A great piece of music software is Ableton Live. I use it on a Windows PC at home, but want to be able to have a quick look at my projects on the road, too - so I wanted the Software to run on my FreeBSD-based notebook as well.

Using the Wine emulator, Windows programs can be run on Unix-like systems, and so can Ableton Live. Here's some hints helpful in making this work, however, please note the "issue" list at the bottom:

The "small window" problem has been solved now, by configuring Wine to use a virtual desktop, 50 px smaller in X and Y direction than the real screen resolution so that my BSD window manager can still add its decorations.

There is one issue, as I have noticed now, when trying to import MP3 files:

fixme:quartz:ACMWrapper_ConnectInput acmStreamOpen returned 512

a few times and refuses to import the file, stating that it is invalid (or something else). I am still investigating where this comes from.

Another issue: I can attach a MIDI keyboard controller to the notebook which is recognized by the uaudio(4) driver so that a input-only pcm device is created, but I cannot get Wine to recognize this as a MIDI input device. Therefore, it is not usable under Live.

I tried to use the audio/oss port and Jack to make this work, but that combination caused trouble with multiple sound interface clones that appeared in the device tree, unusable device choices in Live's configuration dialog, and crawling slowness of the whole Live application, so I left that road again.