Electronics inventory

The inventory system works fine, and does everything I wanted it to do. Meanwhile, though, I have found more and more useful features for this, which I am currently implementing. I plan to generate a releasable version of this in the nearer future, with documentation and the possibility of easy adoption for other people's use.

For my electronics projects, I need several small parts in small to huge quantities. It is critical to keep an overview of which parts are in stock, which are needed for specific projects, and which I should order.

For this, I have started to implement an web-based electronics inventory management system, based on python and mysql. Currently, I use it with manual data input, that is, whenever I add things to the inventory or take parts out of it, I have to manually search the right inventory item, and correct the number of things in stock.

I have written some a to generate barcoded labels for the bags and boxes I keep my parts in, use a barcode reader for easy input to keep the stock database current. This script can be triggered directly from the inventory web pages when the respective browser plugin to support the label printer is installed.

As the barcode reader I have had "in stock" had quite a hard time reading the codes from plastic bags, I have now ordered a more professional hand-held USB barcode reader and will develop (and publish) more software later. For example, a working prototype of a small X application (also written in Python using PyGTK) exists that provides a quick method for adding to and removing from the inventory database. Pick the right box or bag, swipe the reader over it, and a part at a time will be booked out of the inventory for use in projects.



As an example of the features implemented so far, a few screenshots... I will write more documentation when I have finished writing code.

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