Using the Nec N21i cellphone

I have sold the phone, and turned back to Nokia. NEC was extremly un-cooperative in supporting this phone, and especially my questions to them.
The whole story between me, E-Plus Germany, and NEC is too sad to tell.
I have sold the cellphone and am no longer interested in it.

The phone

Some time ago, I have bought the NEC n21i mobile phone. It features an iMode "stack", and has a builtin browser for iMode pages, the WWW, and a mail client configured (by default) to use the phone network provider's mail server.

This phone, though, has certain limitations that I would like to overcome, mostly features I am used to from the Nokia phones I used before.

Research & Development...

I am trying to work around those limitations as far as possible -- though, I fear, only NEC could really provide all the features on my wishlist.

Here are some sub-projects I have created to handle the different aspects. One day, they all will have their own web pages to show my progress.