FreeBSD on a HP Pavilion zt3000

Information based on FreeBSD 7.0-STABLE on a Pavilion zt3312EA notebook. dmesg output

Interestingly, nothing on this page has changed compared to 5.4-STABLE.


Not working


(note 1)The WLAN interface is a Intel PRO Wireless 2200BG Mini-PCI card.
From 6.2-PRERELEASE on, I am no longer using the NDISulator, but FreeBSD's iwi(4) driver which seems to be stable enough now.

(note 3)The SD card reader is attached to the LPC bus, I have been told by HP tech support. I have not yet concentrated on getting this to work, but I was really happy to get this kind of information from their supportline.
Judging from the ACPI PCI ID (WEC0518), this is a Winbond W83L518D chip. For Linux, there exists a driver project for this.
I have also started coding a driver for FreeBSD (which is not that easy, as it has no MMC framework as Linux does), the WbcrDriver.

(note 4)HP supportline was actually really friendly when I asked them where the Mute LED was wired to. The answer was "it goes to the sound board", but unfortunately that was all they were able and willing to give out on this. It does not seem to be directly wired to the AC97 sound chip, though, as this function would be supported by fBSD's audio driver, as far as I have seen from the source.

From time to time, feynman panics with strange symptoms which I cannot really explain. I have switched to another notebook in the meantime, so I am no longer trying to analyze this.