Building a pinball machine

To be honest, I am currently not actively working on this. It is so large a project... At the moment, I have to build up some electronics self-confidence to feel able to continue tackling this thing here. It eats so much time, and progress is so slow...

The goal of this project is building a pinball machine from scratch. On these pages, progress and steps to making it is documented.

The project was started on April 29, 2003 - and an end is not yet in sight.

As I have to learn quite a bit to be able to design and build all the aspects of a pinball machine (on the Ripley's pin, there is a sign stating there were about 3500 parts in a pinball machine, which all have to work together in some way!), working on this projects takes some time.

Another delaying factor is that the whole project's financing comes out of my own personal pocket - there is no sponsor (yet?) for this but my own income. So sometimes I have to wait a while before buying this or that nifty thing I absolutely need before proceeding with something. This page contains an overview of how much money I sunk in this project so far.

On these pages, I document the process and progress of my pinball machine design and building. It is divided into several subsystems, which I view as seperate building blocks I am working upon mostly independently.

For all the subsystems of the pinball machine, I have created separate pages where more detailed information will be collected. However, these pages are currently in transfer from the old projects wiki to my new website content management system.

This main page will contain a general project overview and status. For lots of things (not only tangible parts, but also interface specifications, documents and drawings), I have assigned part numbers for easy reference in the partnumber overview. As mid-term storage, there is a dedicated notepad page.

My plans on what exactly to do next are listed on yet another page, things I have done are be listed on the "progress log" page, and will be listed in the project logbook below.