Project: Pinball

The pinball machine control computer

The game's logic control, that is control of the game flow, counting of points, activation and deactivation of targets and control elements, and all the lights and sound effects, will be done by a regular personal computer built into the machine's case.

The main computer will run a stripped-down version of FreeBSD, where a multi-threaded main program will be responsible for the game control. More information can be found in the game software section.

Currently I plan to use a used Asus P5A-B computer mainboard with an AMD K6-300 CPU, 128 MB RAM and the neccessary peripherals for this. During development, a 9 GB IDE hard disk drive will be used, which shall later be replaced by some kind of flash storage.

There will also be a subsystem containing high-power electronics to control the coils for the mechanics with the signals from the main logic computer. This is explained in detail in the mechanics control section.

The basic mechanics logic (for example triggering a lock coil when a ball is closing a trigger contact) will not be handled by the main computer, but will be implemented with logic circuits near the respective coil or trigger.

There will be signal lines to the main computer, though, to give the software a possibility to disable certain triggers or certain coils.


Last page update: 2006-10-30