Project: Pinball

Project Pinball cost overview

Here I keep track of the money I spend on the pinball project. In case you want to do something similar, you can get an idea of what the costs might be - though, of course, YMMV.

Please note that I do not sell any parts, nor can I take any responsibilities for your ability to get these parts, or similar parts, yourself at this or another price.

Other costs are things I kind of always wanted to buy and that will be of more use to me than just in the pinball project. Working on the project just made these things neccessary "right now".

For example, I wanted to buy a soldering station as a replacement for my quite old soldering iron for years now. I finally bought one, because I would not have been able to work on the MC PCB without it.

I used to pay a rent of 20 Euro per month for the place I used as workshop, but that one has been shut down due danger of collapse (it was an old house!). Luckily I now have enough place in the basement where such things can be done.

All prices are in Euro.

Specific parts for the pinball machine

1 used bumper 14.53
PB-B03.01 board 37.03
PB-B03.01 parts 32.46
PB-B04.02 parts 13.76
5 EEPROM 28C64 27.00
PB-B06 parts 27.68
PB-B08.01 board 37.03
PB-B08, PB-B09 parts 46.42
Game case wood 269.82
Balls, Buttons, Ball start 77.49
Case installation material 31.89
Case spray paint 19.66
5 bumpers 177.29
Respirator mask 54.90
Case legs, more paint 42.60
Speakers & subwoofer 12.99
7K2 connectors 36.26
Total 958.81

Other costs

(Used) Scope Tektronix 465 131.00
Scope service manual 83.70
Soldering station 59.95
EPROM programmer 161.00
Book: MCS51 Microcontroller Kochbuch 39.95
Book: Two electronics books 92.00
Circular saw 149.00
Router 29.95
100 Disposable pipettes for airbrush 13.20
(Used) Scope HP 54502A 605.00
Total 1366.75


Total specific costs 958.81
Total other costs 1366.75
Grand total 2325.56


Last page update: 2009-07-17