Project: Pinball

Mechanical parts for the pinball machine

CAD Drawings

While formerly using Xfig to draw plans for the mechanics, I have now switched to Qcad for the CAD drawings. It is easy to use, comfortable, and comes in one commercial and one open source version. So far, I have found this to be a great product.

Drawings are stored as regular parts, with part numbers assigned as PB-D...


Photo of a custom-made pop bumper

After considering buying used bumpers for the playfield, I now will be using fresh "custom-made" ones. I am very thankful to Terry of Pinball Life for building five bumpers from new spare parts, and shipping them to me.

The bumpers are equipped with "26-1200" coils. Measuring another one of these showed that the coil resistance is 10 Ohm, which makes a current of 3.5A at the 35V DC reported for Williams coils on the web.

This again gives the values I have to work with when designing the control circuits.


A complete flipper finger assembly is available for about 30-40 Euro, depending on the coil used.

Special parts

Some non-standard parts will be needed for playfield design. While it might be easy to find a model plane as a decorative element, it will be harder to get things like e.g. the ball transport monorail which I would like to incorporate. For such special items, the ultimate way of getting them might be creating a virtual design of the parts, and 3D printing it.

Coil information

Usual voltage for pinball coils seems to be 50V. Will try to find exact coild data somewhere...

Found this on the web (for Williams coils):


Last page update: 2006-10-31