RundS (La)TeX macro package

The current version is release-1.3.

Please note that this package is quite old now, and does not provide the nicest and cleanest user interface one could imagine today. Especially the coding of numericals is a bit weird in this package.

I suggest using the mchem package instead, which (in addition to the known R and S clauses) provides the more current hazard statements and precautionary statements (H and P statements), and accepts all the numbers as parameters to macro calls.

While I am going to keep this package here (and on CTAN) for backwards compatibility, I would use mchem in new publications.

r_und_s is a stylefile for LaTeX which defines macros to insert R- and S- clauses (risk and safety instructions for chemical substances indexed by internationally standardized numbers) into texts. Also included is a TeX macro which does the same. Supported languages are English, German, French, and Dutch.

The package can be downloaded [here]({attach}images/r_und_s-1.3i.tar.gz or from CTAN.