Wearable computer


Since I wrote this project page about ten years ago, cellphones have evolved and turned out to be (at least for me) about what I wished for back then. Therefore, this project is now officially "abandoned".


I want to design and build a wearable computer. A wearable computer in my opinion is an unintrusive computing device that I can have with me all the time (well, nearly all the time at least). It shall be highly customized to fit exactly my computing needs, and might be easily to customize to fit other people's needs as well. I want to use it to communicate with others in realtime or in a store-and-forward way (which means maybe either phone or email), navigate (GPRS, some mapping software either with local data storage or through a network connection), play (whatever -- MUDs, single-user games like chess, even a card game with a second wearable nearby), gather data (microphone, camera for photo and video, maybe other inputs, maybe even monitoring of pulse, blood pressure, other biometric data).

I want it to have a comfortable text input device, a mouse-like pointing device, a display that's easy to use (either head-mounted or otherwise comfortable, too), a long-lasting power supply (say, five hours of continuous operation without having to reload the batteries), and it must be kind of light-weight so that I can wear it without causing permanent structural damage to myself.